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In today’s modern society there’s a general perception of people towards finding inner peace, happiness and contentment based on their assumption about things or situations which gives happiness according to their own mindset and desires. As we are living in a world surrounded by many gadgets, which has robbed us from our natural self and has given rise to consumerism on a material platform. But in the process to find happiness and satisfaction in things we have actually forgotten our real self along with the purpose of our existence. In this rat race for finding inner happiness we have actually lost our basic human essence in our action, thoughts and speech. We have set our mind on a single track of utilizing people for getting material benefits which we assume to give happiness. More over we have undervalued our basic nature of happiness, contentment, blissfulness, love and inner peace by giving importance to those things which only has the capability to give us temporary happiness and permanent frustration. It’s time that we should sit and introspect about our true self and break away from the darkness of illusionary happiness of material happiness and work for inner satisfaction, peace of mind, love and happiness for the betterment of self,humanity and our planet.

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 – This article is written by Karan Sharma

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