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Human character is a mirror reflection of various complex thoughts which arises in human mind. It may be said that most of those thoughts are responsible for creating a layer of false ego, greed, lust, envy and hypocrisy to some degree in every individual. As per my understanding these thoughts are a major barrier to know our true selves. Some of us try to portray ourselves as very loving, caring, helpful and liberal. But, as a matter of fact these feelings are actually hallow unless it’s backed up and reflecting our crystal clear mindset. I would rather put it in a way, that if we truly feel love for others and care for them then there will not be any form of expectation for return in any form whatsoever.

It’s actually a combined fault of our education system, society and people whom we relate as family. To start with education, it’s a medium through which transmission of required information on various subjects are relayed to us. But, hardly do they teach us to catch the essence of true knowledge and wisdom for welfare of humanity and country. Which can ultimately help us to be a good human being filled with happiness and contentment along-with an overall responsibility towards the welfare of our planet.
Secondly, our family and society has always been inquisitive and have been voluntarily comparing good and bad of an individual with others to induct a false sense of happiness, contentment, sadness and misery at the cost of crushing one’s individuality. As a result, the person might suffer from highly complex inferiority. Which may forbid us or distances ourselves from exploring our true nature.
To throw some light, recently we are witnessing a global pandemic wreaking massive loss of economy and human life. We may say that had this pandemic not been there we may not have been exposed to high aspirations of a particular country and it’s greedy intentions of global dominance.
Secondly, we have also witnessed a heinous act of suicide of an aspiring actor, which is probably the outcome of few people trying to dominate the industry using their background, money and fame. It’s really a very saddening situation globally that how few people who talk of love and equality are themselves a living example of hypocrisy in it’s highest form.
Unless, we take an initiative to change the darkness of our mindset and light the lamp of true knowledge of self and illuminate the world with the ray of hope, love, care and equality there will always be a bleak chance of global change in every aspect.
We need to realize that our mindset can change our thoughts and our thoughts can change our character. Which can pave the way for a better world which is free of hatred, greed, envy, lust and hunger for global dominance.
Human intellect has gone through a massive evolution along-with human evolution. It has been an integral source for laying the foundation of great civilizations of the world. Man has also tried to know and discover many things with the help of their intellectual curiosity for the welfare of mankind. But as the wheel of time kept rolling, humans have also worked hard to discover and achieve new ways of life so that they can have a better quality of lifestyle. In this race for striving to get a better quality of life we humans have lost our basic sense of integrity which is essential for us to eliminate the intangible darkness of hatred, greed, envy, lust and the tendency for racial and gender abuse and to resurrect the essence of love, kindness, gratitude and a sense of inner satisfaction. As we know that today’s world is going through a turmoil in various aspects like the urge for global dominance, economical prospect etc. But all these aspects are an outcome of one’s own perverted mindset. We have actually ignored the fact that this planet and every form of life is a gift of God and we have been given an opportunity to live a decent life in this world by abiding the laws of nature and following the path shown by great thinkers and spiritualists. Until we realize the true essence of humanity and lead our lives according to the law of nature, we cannot cultivate and realize the power of true humanity which is never alloyed with qualities like hatred, envy, lust, ignorance and racial /gender inequality etc. As I feel that these qualities have an ability to make an individual an unrepentant living being. As per my understanding, it’s time that we should consider to induct the true essence of humanity within ourselves and leave a positive example for our future generations to make this world a better place by appreciating the essence of humanity and value our planet as their home.
– An Article by Karan Sharma
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